Grilstad Butcher Burger. Emballasje packaging design.

The devil is in the details

As one of Norway’s largest producers of meat products, Grilstad wished to launch a premium frozen burger unmatched in its thickness, richness and juicy flavour profile. We created a new identity, concept and packaging design that positioned the Butcher Burger as a product that exceeds the expectations of its category. When launched, the burger was recognized with a Gold award and first place in the national NM in Meat Products, and the Butcher concept was soon expanded into a larger range of compelling, premium meat products.

Grilstad Butcher Cheddarwurst logo. Visuell identitet visual identity.

Our aim was to position the Butcher Burger as a quality product equal to the quality of fresh meat - straight from the butcher - and bring to light its extra thick and juicy qualities while capturing the interest of the burger and barbecue enthusiasts. We therefore created a persona, a credible sender, located in a traditional butcher’s shop, The Butcher.

Grilstad Butcher Bacon. Emballasje packaging design.
Grilstad Butcher Cheddarwurst og bratwurst. Emballasje packaging design.

Through playful devil allusions in words and imagery (a butchers fork doubling as devil horns rising from the burger bun, a traditional pitchfork crafted in to the wordmark itself and playful quotes such as ‘devilicious taste’ functioning as a concept summary) and by pairing the visual language of traditional butchery such as type, foiling and wood texture we created a product identity that allows you to indulge in a “devilish” taste experience. A ‘naughty but nice’ product of superior quality - thick, flavorful and juicy.

Grilstad Butcher Burger logo. Visuell identitet visual identity.
Grilstad Butcher Burger logo. Visuell identitet visual identity.