Storytelling, originality, craft and simplicity

We believe in the ability of graphic design to engage people, to captivate them through visual storytelling and to develop enduring relationships by articulating emotionally relevant brand values and product messaging.

Uncovering and delivering a strong, inspirational and authentic narrative, communicated in the right tone of voice and through the right channels, is a critical component of our process, and essential for brands to reach their customer in a meaningful way.

While visually engaging, our work is also underpinned by clear concepts and reliable strategies, founded on our own proprietary processes. This ensures that each solution we produce establishes, reinforces or further develops brand credibility whilst also conveying its essence.

Our intention is to create work that is unique, memorable and often with a distinctive tone. This helps each of our design solutions to stand out within competitive markets and challenging industries.

A clear design craft emerges from our care and attention to detail. The consideration given to material and finish, digital artistry and implementation provide our client with a layered, multifaceted and positive emotional experience for their customers. This dedication to craftsmanship and an unwavering desire for the ultimate solution delivers a noticeable difference.

Just like images, words can tell different stories in the way that they are presented. The choice and implementation of typography is central to this understanding. It provides an expressive medium within visual communication that we believe should not be overlooked or undervalued. Craftsmanship and communication through typography is our specialty, often utilising hand lettering and font design as a compelling differentiator that can be both expressive and emotive.

Our care and love for detail does not mean that our design work is complex. On the contrary, we strive for simplicity, but not at the expense of communicative, visual or conceptual richness. A confident and considered simplicity allows us to bring clarity to an idea or story, to develop a relationship with a customer free of visual noise and vague messaging.

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Graphis Master Design Portfolio

Our very own Morten Throndsen made entry into the Graphis Design Masters Portfolio gallery, along with other high influencing designers such as Massimo Vignelly, Stefan Sagmeister, Paula Scher, Paul Rand, Issey Miyake and Saul Bass. View the full portfolio here.

Multiple wins at this years Pentawards

We’re happy to announce that we’ve won silver and bronze in Pentawards 2018!
This marks the 10th year in a row that we’ve won in the competition. 

Graphis GOLD for Noraker Branding

visual identity and packaging design that articulates, in a visually compelling way, the culture, traditions and quality integral to the brand. See the full case study here.

Graphis GOLD for Promenaden 'Type in use'

The design allows Promenaden to stand out as an exclusive, highly desirable area with a strong focus on fashion. This visual expression is implemented on all collateral materials for both internal and external communication.

NM Gold - officially Norway’s best burger

Before they’ve managed to get it on the shelves Grilstad’s Butcher Burger has already won gold for taste in the Norwegian Meat Championship, and is officially Norway’s best burger. This unbeatable taste is central to our concept and packaging design.

From ZERoh! to HERO!

Lerums´ launch of sugar free drinks was an open brief and another opportunity for us to build a strategy and create a new brand, bottle design, identity and profile from scratch. The ZERoh! range came to life and represented a game changer in this segment of products, while providing a substantial growth for the retailers as well as for Lerum as a producer.

A world of surprises...

Snop is a pick 'n' mix candy brand committed to bringing surprising flavours and unmatched variety to the confectionery market. Its range is constantly updated by a dedicated team using the highest quality ingredients. Read the full case study here.

We are happy to announce that graphic designer Marianne Johnsen has joined the Strømme Throndsen team.

Marianne comes directly from Springetts Brand design consultants in London where she has worked as a graphic designer for the past four years. Marianne’s experience with brand creation and packaging design for the UK market makes her a valuable addition to our studio.

Multi-win at Pentawards 2017!

Strømme Throndsen Design has received two prestigious awards for our work for Grønne Folk and Lofoten Water. We were also nominated for Kyllinggården.