Fiskemannen logo. Visuell identitet visual identity.

Fiskemannen Fish

Fiskemannen is a range of fish and shellfish products for everyday meals and special occasions. These are high quality, priced affordably and intend to make healthy and wholesome meals easy to prepare and exciting to eat. We worked to create packaging for a number of the Fiskemannen ranges, both fresh and frozen, modernising these and developing a visual language that is distinctive within their category and responsive to changing consumer expectations.

Fiskemannen Makrellfilet, Torskefilet og røkt hysefilet. Emballasje packaging design.
Fiskemannen logo. Visuell identitet visual identity.

By placing a strong circular focal point at the heart of inviting photography we created a design direction that draws the eye towards a distinctive and clear brand element of information and quality reassurance through typography. This is framed by imagery that is warm in colour and traditional in its table settings with the intention of calling to mind wholesome Norwegian home cooking.

Fiskemannen Sild lake, sursild, karrisild, tomatsild, ramsløksild. Emballasje packaging design.
Fiskemannen Fiskekaker med gulrotmos. Emballasje packaging design.

Our packaging for Fiskekaker, a combination of fish cakes and vegetables in one product, pairs bold condensed typography with simple impactful shapes, and uses a printed texture and clear product views to communicate an everyday quality in an immediate and playful way.

Fiskemannen Grill, sweet chili-marinerte reker, rå kjempereker med skall, tunfisk. Emballasje packaging design.

Fiskemannen Grill is a range of freshly frozen BBQ seafood products inspired by authentic creole cuisine and perfect for the summer months. We captured the spirit of Creole cuisine, of the seaside, summer alfresco eating and freshness through colour and vibrant product photography.

Fiskemannen 80% fisk, fiskekaker, fiskeburgere. Emballasje packaging design.

80% Fisk is a range of fish burgers for pita and bread rolls or to have with pasta, potatoes or vegetables. It is a healthy and fast family-friendly range with a high fish content. Our packaging draws these propositions out through strong colour contrast, mixing a deep sea blue with clear product images and pairing these with everyday side dishes. The high fish content of the range is emphasised through the fullness of large and bold typography while colour clearly delineates between each of the product varieties within the range.

Fiskemannen Fishy nuggets, chili & sitron, havsalt & pepper. Emballasje packaging design.

Fishy Nuggets is a range of gluten-free nuggets made from 65% Norwegian cod. A simple, high-quality proposition is given character, category distinction and appeal through a playful mix of product photography and simple illustrative flourishes. These make a quick connection between product and fresh fish. Eye-catching colour blocking blends an appealing crispy gold with either the warmth of orange or a fresh sea blue to deliver shelf impact.