Salsus broth Kraft soup suppe

Great taste, naturally

Salsus is a range of premium, slow-cooked broths and sauces created by and for professional chefs. The range is made from the finest natural Norwegian ingredients cooked in the purest water with no additives. Salsus is also unique in the time taken by those with agricultural knowledge and culinary skill to select the best ingredients and craft the perfect recipes. We were commissioned to develop a range identity and package design that would communicate the brand’s unique process and philosophy.

Salsus broth Kraft Demi glace, Beef, chicken, fish, game, lamb, shellfish. Emballasje packaging design.

With a desire to connect with professional chefs within the HORECA industry, and the need to be able to clearly express a positioning of culinary craft, the best possible ingredients and the purest water, we used a clean, simple and down to earth design approach – one that was immediate, that would use the visual language known to professionals, and was sophisticated and elegant in its simplicity. It is an approach that would be able to stand out from a competitive landscape of large imagery and vast colour.

Salsus broth Kraft visittkort business card. Visuell identitet visual identity.
Salsus stock Kraft broth Fish, Beef, vegetable, chicken. Emballasje packaging design.
Salsus beef broth stock Kraft illustrasjon illustration
Salsus Bearnaise saus sauce Hollandaise saus sauce Pepper sauce saus red wine saus sauce
Salsus broth Kraft website nettside. Visuell identitet visual identity.
Salsus broth icon ikon. Visuell identitet visual identity.