Holli Mølle logo on farm gård. Visuell identitet visual identity.

Milled to perfection

A decade ago Holli Mølle launched their first range of organic flour products, providing Norwegian grocery stores, restaurants and bakeries with a new and diverse selection of locally produced flours. Many of their products come from ancient grains like spelt and emmer and can be traced 5000 to 10000 years back in history. Ten years later, the Nordic market has evolved and Holli Mølle has expanded their assortment to include a number of sub-categories and new product lines. Their position required an updated approach to both Holli Mølle’s brand identity and packaging design.

Holli Mølle fin sammalt hvete, spelt og emmer. Emballasje packaging design.
Holli Mølle grov sammalt hvete, rug og emmer. Emballasje packaging design.
Holli Mølle logo. Visuell identitet visual identity.


We aimed to communicate Holli Mølle’s business philosophy, which stands out in contrast to the more commercial competitors on the market. The bags’ simple use of blocked letterpress style typography and colour-contrasted panels point to the fresh and local produce in an earthy and honest expression. The new hand-drawn logo has a bold and cheerful character and was crafted using the shape of a half circle – a subtle tribute to a mill.

Holli Mølle Bakemiks, Tipo 00, bygg og landhvete. Emballasje packaging design.
Holli Mølle Siktet mel, hvete, rug og spelt. Emballasje packaging design.

As a limited set of bags must be used for over 70 products due to small storage facilities, we designed a system of bags that easily differentiates the main product categories from each other. Further flexibility within each category is provided through bright, colour-coded front stickers that read product names. Back stickers include nutritional information, tips and recipes.

Holli Mølle Holligrøt havre, havregryn. Emballasje packaging design.
Holli Mølle visittkort business card. Visuell identitet visual identity.
Holli Mølle Havre og spelt. Emballasje packaging design.