Fjellgarden Hovden urøkt og røkt pinnekjøtt, unsmoked and smoked lamb ribs. Emballasje packaging design.

Fjellgarden Hovden

Fjellgarden Hovden is a farm, just outside of Hovden, Norway, that raises lambs, creates sausages and prepares meats using traditional practices and local ingredients. It is nestled amongst mountains, surrounded by crisp country air, snow in the winter and grasslands during spring and summer.

Fjellgarden Hovden logo. Visuell identitet Visual identity.
Fjellgarden Hovden Hartevasspylse, hovdenpylse, bjåenpylse, pølse sausage. Emballasje packaging design.

We were commissioned to reimagine Fjellgarden Hovden’s visual identity and packaging with the intention of better communicating the history of the farm and its unique setting, the quality of its products, processes and ingredients. We did this by combining a cool colour palette with the care and character of a hand lettered logotype and the detail of logomark, and by bringing storytelling and history to the front of pack.

Fjellgarden Hovden pølse bjåenpylsa sausage. Emballasje packaging design.
Fjellgarden Hovden visittkort business card. Visuell identitet Visual identity.