An elegant collection of modern microbrews

Svensefjøset is a farmhouse with a 300 year history, located on the old Elvebakken Gård farm in Lier, Norway. Following extensive renovation, Svensefjøset has now been beautifully restored. It plays hosts to a variety events, has its own kitchen and produces a collection of modern microbrews.

We worked with Svensefjøset’s young dedicated owners to develop visual identity and packaging. Our intention was to express the unique qualities and heritage of Svensefjøset. And to also make a connection with a renowned region of fresh ingredients, and the modern high quality of its brews. We achieved this by balancing an elegant hand-drawn logotype of loops and ligatures with traditional typography and an illustration of the building's iconic bell tower alongside the year of its completion. We paired these with a palette of pastels to introduce a sophisticated modernity.