Grilstad Jubel Fenikkel

Fennikel (fennel) is a fresh new flavour added to Grilstad’s best-selling Jubel Salami, Norway’s most popular salami since 1974. With a desire to express this new and exciting addition we worked with Grilstad to develop an eye-catching and unexpected packaging design that would attract attention and convey flavour. 

Our design solution forms a clear continuity with Grilstad’s Jubel Salami, yet with its own unique character and visual interest. We did this by maintaining the identifiable black, the distinctive Jubel script and salami serif but then made the most of pack shape with a cheerful, bold and large logotype with an immediate shelf impact. By using three different shades of green and type-shaped product windows, all of which alternate across four different packs, we balanced clear product views and flavour cues with a moment of the unexpected.