Eidsvoll 1814

In 1814, 112 delegates met at Eidsvoll to declare Norway’s independence, establish a constitution and elect a King. Intense negotiations and frequent clashes over six weeks followed, ending with ratification on the 16th May and signing on the 17th. This was the basis of what is considered to be one of the most democratic constitutions of its time in the world, and is marked by a National Day throughout Norway.

We worked with museum Eidsvoll 1814 to develop a visual identity that would mark and celebrate this occasion and link a variety of souvenirs and gifts sold exclusively in the museum shop. Drawing on the signing of the constitution, the hand lettering of formal agreements of the time and its legacy and relevance today, our design features three distinctive hand crafted lettering styles. These were inspired by three periods, from 1814 to present day, and are linked by the national colours of Norway.