The Solbærsirup is an authentic blackcurrant cordial made from few ingredients and drunk either hot or cold. It has heritage that stretches back over 100 years and is now established as a national icon throughout Norway. As a special product lost amongst a similarly styled range it deserved a bold move from generic product to proud brand.

Lerum Solbærsirup

We have created a distinctive and original structural bottle design, and our label design combines the craft of hand drawn typography and watercolour illustrations with the high quality and tactility of a gold foil. Our approach honours the Solbærsirup’s unique taste, places heritage and nostalgia at its heart and has enabled the product to hold a stronger position within the cordials category.

Lerum Solbærsirup Lerum Solbærsirup

Before and after redesign.

Lerum Solbærsirup

Hand lettered logo.