Fjellgarden Hovden raises lambs on a farm nestled amongst the Norwegian mountains. They have a passion for hand produced products and crisp country air, and create sausages and prepare meats using traditional practices and natural ingredients. We were commissioned to reimagine the Fjellgarden Hovdens visual identity and packaging in a way that would better communicate the history of the farm, its unique setting and the crafted origins of its products.

Fjellgarden Hovden Fjellgarden Hovden Fjellgarden Hovden Fjellgarden Hovden

Using the traditional flourishes and modern hand drawn qualities of a new logotype, we brought together and communicated craft and high-quality in a single and identifiable expression. Set alongside a classic serif type choice, a uniquely detailed seal and a storytelling component, the packaging draws attention to the authentic and significant history of the farm.

Fjellgarden Hovden

A simple navy and white colour palette and unbleached paper choice introduce a fresh and contemporary element that reinforce the values of tradition and craft as well as the fresh air of the region.

Fjellgarden Hovden Fjellgarden Hovden