Grilstad Award for Design Excellence

Grilstad receives Award for Design Excellence


Strømme Throndsen Design, Grilstad and Superfos were last night awarded the Award for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council.

Grilstad wished to reposition itself as a more modern and innovative market leader, with the aim of making daily life easier and better for people. Based on feedback about the usage and challenges of storing food items such as dry-cured ham, they tested out different solutions to cater to the consumer. We worked together with Grilstad and Superfos to create an innovative table packaging with screw lid.

The jury’s verdict: Cold cut revolution. Functionality wins here, according to the jury, pleased at the prospect of no more overly dry cuts of meat. Market insight has been successfully utilised to create an attractive and relevant product for the user. The packaging doubles as both storage and serving solution, and looks good when placed on the table. This is an honest, innovative and different solution that gives us a reason to choose the product in the shop. The company and the design agency have solved the challenge they took on 100% – and in a way that makes the everyday life of the consumer so much easier. This is simple, intuitive design that can easily gain acceptance on the part of the consumer and for all types of cold cuts. The jury considers that Grilstad has set a whole new standard for the category.

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